Get into the DR Music Catalog!

Once you have added Hip Grease, The Service, and Big Mike tracks to your favorite streaming service playlists, Spotify and Apple and all that, please consider supporting the artists directly, by going to to preview and purchase tracks online. OR….

32gigs of Funk!

If you are a DJ, musician, or just a super enthusiast and want to get access to DR music for your collection, interest in sharing or adding to your performance, just get in touch, coco [at], and let me know – I’ll send you a code to download the files from all of our Bandcamp published content. We REALLY want you to have it.

Or throw your boy a few clams (a steal at $75), and you get this new gorgeous USB Media Drive. 32 gigs of sweet soulful funk and jazz for you to enjoy. Jam packed with DR songs and video, it shows your cool taste, and makes a great gift.

Better yet, get in touch about buying up introductory price
$COCO-COIN* at $100/share, and I’ll send you one of these, customized.
Order yours by emailing coco [at] TODAY!

*details related to my security & social NFTs, and the un-precedented upswing in value we’ve seen upon its introduction, keep an eye out for $COCO COIN, and hold onto yours!!

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