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Danny Liston’s Anthology Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band delivered the goods Saturday evening at The Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, IL. The theater was sold out both Friday and Saturday night. The Roots live broadcast on Saturday evening exceeded every expectation held by our volunteers, donors, and listeners at home.

The upgraded audio quality of the broadcast impressed thousands of Roots listeners. Roots leadership called on our members and corporate donors to step up and finance bringing Andy Coco from Dogtown Records in to produce the sound for our broadcast. Andy and our volunteers built a temporary studio control room in the Wildey event space to house the 32-track audio board, multitrack recorders, and remote control equipment to manage equipment back at The Roots Studio inside the KETC building in Grand Center. Coco ran digital IP cables from the studio to the stage to get feeds from every stage mic. Andy then placed four condenser mics around the theater to capture room acoustics and a capacity crowd.


(center) Mark Hyken, Danny Liston, and Drea Stien in the Green Room, with the rest of the Anthology band, before the concert started.


John Stephens, with Tom and Shirley DeGeres, were the lead donors for the broadcast sound project. Our other key donor was J.F. Electric from Edwardsville, IL, who has supported many of our live broadcasts. Twenty-five Roots members also generously supported this project.


Pictured above are the Roots volunteers who worked on the Anthology broadcast. Back row from right to left: Kathie Tate, Bill Neil, John and Sam Stephens, Shirley and Tom DeGeare. Drea Stein and Mark Hyken.

Drea Stein Stein is the newest member of The Roots staff. Drea was a lead volunteer for thirty years at KDHX FM. She left the station, along with many of its volunteers, in disagreement with the station board and paid staff,  who eliminated much of their local music and support for the local St. Louis music scene. Drea will continue her active role in Save KDHX and their efforts to restore supporter and volunteer leadership to the station.

Drea will host two programs on The Roots, focusing on local St. Louis musicians and the venues featuring their work. Drea will also play a lead role in our expanding presentation of live music events.


Andy Coco produced our  Anthology broadcast feed. He also founded DogtownRecords and Andy Coco’s NOLA Funk and R&B Revue..


Daddy Liston is the host of Uptown And Lowdown, airing at 1 PM and 6 PM Wednesdays on The Roots, The program also “pops up” at various times each week.

The ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Apr 1st – Apr  5th

Monday – Friday  Noon & 7 pm

MONDAY:  (Bill)  Eagles band and side projects
TUESDAY: (Tim) Songs about the Beatles
WEDNESDAY: (Dave) Kansas, Steve Walsh, Kerry Livgren        

THURSDAY: (John) Jam Bands we should play…Vol #6
FRIDAY: (Bill)  Bands of the 1960’s San Francisco Era

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